educator, RESEARCHER, WRITER, artist

I'm an educator who was born and raised in the North of England, though I've worked in the UK, El Salvador, Mexico, Myanmar, Spain, Greece, and the US. I'm interested in pedagogies of care, solidarity, and critical cosmopolitanism - as well as how humour can be a useful tool in both teaching and research methods.

Currently a PhD candidate and instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), I've taught classes on human rights education and refugee education. My research uses participatory and visual methods to think about community-based language education for adults seeking sanctuary, and migrant solidarity movements in England.

When not doing something education-related, you'll find me being creative or trying to befriend passing animals. I enjoy painting, photography, and creative writing, and my non-academic writing has been published in numerous outlets including The Times Educational Supplement. 

For collaborations or inquiries, please contact me on the email below.